Our Space Redone

So our place is a little messy, but here’s how we truly live.  I’ve been itching for a redesign and new things, but there’s no money in the bank to do that. To give our little home a new feel with no money, I moved the furniture. It feels completely different and I love it!
The cold weather is upon us, so we had to move the apartment around anyway. Our bed was covering a part of the radiator so being renters we moved the bed to prevent fires. The only way to move the bed without it being right by the kitchen was just to flip it vertically (I don’t know if that’s the best way to describe it, but look at the Shoebox post). I think it gives a whole different feel from the other layout. It’s more open for guests. It will actually fit a blow up mattress for guests if we ever have the money to get one.
I think it’s great because we gain more space for Lex’s bed, two more spots for people to sit (on the little area of the bed), more open space, and an option to hang sheers for a little privacy if we want.  Now all I need is to find a way to get Ikea and check out how much sheers cost.
What do you think?

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