Remembering 9/11

Each year when this day rolls around I never know how to go through my day. When the towers were attacked I was in Iowa and I didn’t know anyone affected. Now that most of my friends are from NYC, I know stories, and this day means something else. It’s a friend’s birthday, it’s a day where peoples’ relatives died, it’s a day that people are scarred from because they saw the aftermath and had to walk miles to get home because everything was closed.

I can’t fathom having a birthday or anniversary on this day because I’d feel guilty for celebrating on this day. I know one of my friends doesn’t like telling people his birthday is on this day (Sorry, Javier, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY. You’re an amazing person and you should celebrate!).

I’m going to take this space to say, I think we should remember that we need to celebrate this day as another day of life and another day to work even harder toward our dreams.


The photo is from my cousin, Jess Denton. Go visit her Facebook page and website for more gorgeous pictures.


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