Dreamer: Amanda Marucut

Age: 22
Current Job: Currently I am a part-time nanny for a set of triplets. I’m going to school and have my Etsy business on the side, as well as jumping into photography and trying to make that hobby into something more. 
Lives in: Santa Clarita, CA
Ultimate Dream: Hoping one day to make a career out of the hobbies that I love to do. 
What do you think you need to attain your dream: I think patience and asserting myself to put myself out there will be helpful. Advertising who I am, my skills, and what I do is definitely a must that I am currently working on. Some of my dreams are close to being achieved, others are still dreams that I hope to make into reality. I don’t see them actually coming to life for quite some time, but I know where I want to be and when. I just need to keep focusing on what I do want. Currently, what I need to do to make my dreams come true is not all clear. I still stumble along the way when trying to figure out things that will help me and things that I’ve done that didn’t end up helping. It’s a learning process that I haven’t yet mastered. 
Can you help Amanda out or show her some guidance? Let us know here, on twitter, or email us at dreamtillgreen@gmail.com
Also check out Amanda’s Etsy shop Flightless Bird Design (We have a promo) and twitter . There’s a lot of cute stuff.

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