Dreamer: Taji ‘Dean’ Morris


Age: 27

Current Job:  Writer – Producer – Recording Artist

Lives in: NJ/NY

Ultimate dream: My goal is to establish myself as one of the most influential motivators in the world. Through song, text, and speech, I will continue to illustrate the methods that allow individuals to channel their inner greatness and find true happiness. 

What do you think you need to attain your dream: Time, Twitter followers – @DaDean29, and raw fruits & vegetables.  

What dreams have you accomplished:  Living the dream at the moment… 

What’s your key to success?:  The willingness to carry on in through adversity is a HUGE key to success.  (Success can be a big lock!)  Our individual journey will test us repeatedly, grooming us for our position atop wherever we want to be.  Understand that when we set out on the path toward our goal, that path will immediately begin to test our resolve.  Simply put, staying focused on your goal and overcoming the tests/obstacles/adversities, will breed success. 
Other words:  Be sure to check out my group, Dean and Ravo, at DeanAndRavo.com.  Also, you can find my personal work at DaDean29.com.  #CLASS

If you can help him with his dreams or want to help him out this his projects, let us know @dreamtillgreen or dreamtillgreen@gmail.com

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