Rugs I Love

Here’s more information on why I love the rugs from today’s earlier post.
1 & 2. Zig Zag Rug by Urban Outfitters. They’re both 5X7 for $89. I love them for their price and the colors.
3. This was shown on ChicagoHome’s page and it’s by FLOR. I’ve quickly fallen in love with this company. It sells carpet tiles, so you have the ability to create any kind of design with them. The tiles I like range anywhere from $14-21 and a 5X8 rug takes about 12 tiles. I love this particular rug because it has all the color of our apartment and it’s not boring. I also like that black is the background color, then I don’t have to worry about Lex trekking in dirt.
4. Mini Dot Rug by PBTeen: it’s a 5X8 for $299 and with my discount, it wouldn’t be so bad. I love polka dots, I just don’t know about having an all black rug.
5. Big Garden Printed Rug by UrbanOutfitters: It’s $89 and a 5X7. It also happens to be on backorder till November. Maybe it could be a birthday present. Anyway, I love the big graphic and all the colors, but is it too girly?
6. Magical Thinking Diamond Medallion Rug by UrbanOutfitters: It’s the cheapest at $69, but is it the best? It may be too hippy for Mike. I do love the colors though.
7. Cambium-Geranium by FLOR: Another tile option from FLOR for $16 each. I like that it’d be good for heavy traffic areas and it has a whole bunch of color in it.
8.Magical Thinking Arrowhead Rug by UrbanOutfitters: It’s on sale for $79 and it’s just a fun, basic pattern.

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