Itch For a Redesign

Is it the turn of seasons? Is it my want of change in my monotonous life? I have no idea, but I want to redesign this apartment.

I obviously don’t have the money to make all the changes, so instead I’m planning it all out in my head. I’m also sticking to one of my spending rules; I can’t buy anything big/expensive without liking it for about two months. I tend to miss out on items because they sell out, but I figure it just wasn’t meant to be in my life.

My ideas/wants:

1. A new rug or rugs
I’ve learned at work that buying a new rug means a huge change. It can give your apartment a whole new look from texture, color, and room definition. If you pick the wrong rug it’s a disaster and ff you’ve looked at my shoebox post, you know Mike and I have a very colorful and small apartment. I know this search is going to be hard, but a rug is an investment, not something you buy every year to match the apartment you’re in at the moment. Things I need to keep in mind: the longevity, the material (I’m allergic to wool), care, and traffic wear. I’ll probably end up getting a classic pattern, a neutral color, or something crazy. Here’s what I’m loving so far:

2. New Curtains
I want at least curtains that match. I know that this could change the whole room too so maybe I need to get a rug first. Oh, the dilemmas.

3. Curtain Canopy Over the Bed
Mike and I keep going back and forth if we want to make our bed more private in our little studio. It doesn’t really matter since people don’t visit often, but it could be fun to do. Also, do we want to invest in the time and money for this one apartment and create more holes? But I think it would be pretty and dreamy. This pin also makes it easy to make.

4. A New Layout
I should’ve listed this first because the layout determines everything in this shoebox. We’re going to need to change the layout before the heat kicks in and I’m stuck. Our bed is rested on one of the pipes for the radiator so it’s going to have to move, but where to? I have one idea, but I’m too lazy/don’t want to bother Mike to do it.

What do you guys think?



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