Real ‘Sleep’ Dreams: Chris Duke

Here’s a new segment for you guys. I’d love to share dreams that you have while you’re sleeping– I barely remember mine. I find it interesting/fun to analyze dreams. Who wants to help interpret?

Our first dream is brought to you by Chris Duke, my wonderful coworker.

Last night I dreamt about work, which fortunately hasn’t happened in awhile. I dreamt we were having a chat-in and I was completely tuned out. While the meeting was going on there were customers drifting in and I was distracted by wanting to breakaway and help them. I was wearing a fuscia taffeta ball gown with a full skirt. I twirled around a few times to admire its movement. 

I also became aware that we didn’t have any furniture for sale because it was all defective. I think later a baby with teeth on its back appeared.

If you know anything about our job or Chris, you’ll find this pretty funny. What do you think his dream means? A cross-dressing future? Maybe he wants to twirl out of the business?

Let me know what you think here or at @dreamtillgreen


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