Social Life vs. Work

The dilemma for all 20 somethings is balancing social life and work life. For me, work life tends to win since it pays my bills, but should it? When we lived in NYC I felt worse when friends invited me out, but here in Chicago I don’t feel so bad. I don’t know if it’s because our circle of friends is smaller or if everyone in Chicago is more work-focused in general.

Sometimes I think I work too much, but I can’t really stop. This may sound stupid, but I fear unpaid bills. For some reason I feel like a man will come and be very disappointed in me, or cut me, or something horrid will happen. For some reason, disappointing people is a great fear of mine. But why do I fear this nonexistent person more than my friends? — oh the psychology of things.

Anyway, I dream that I have enough money and time to go out whenever I want and have enough time to just relax. Why can’t the US have siestas too? Or maybe three days for a weekend? I think people are way too stressed with work. Just imagine a life where everyone was relaxed and friendly. Seems almost impossible — especially if you work in retail.  Who else wants to have a more social-based life? I know that when I relax with my coworkers it’s a great time.

Can we start a revolt?


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