Dreamer: Kimberley Mulla

Dreamer: Kimberley Mulla
Photo by Magna Vita Photography

Age: 39

Current Job: by day, HR Manager at a credit union; by night, Confectioner

Lives in: Telkwa, BC (a small village outside of a small town called Smithers- Northern BC, Canada.)

Ultimate dream: In truth, having my children be healthy is what matters most to me. But as far as a vocational dream, having Kimberley’s Kitchen be a respected, successful business employing me full-time would be amazing. I would love to be a great employer as well, helping others achieve their dreams.

What do you think you need to attain your dream?: What I have learned is that dreams are a work-in-progress, a journey, and they change over time. I used to dream of being famous. Or being rich. But now, I dream of creating a product with integrity that delights people. I dream of being a great boss that inspires others to dream. I dream of being a great female role-model for my daughters.

So how am I getting closer to my dream? I changed my expectations in life. I have made a simpler life for myself. I moved from The Big City to a Small Town so we could have more space, grow our own food, know our neighbours, keep the doors unlocked, and enjoy the outdoors. I am growing my business slowly, financing it all myself without going into a lot of debt. In 2 short years, I have grown beyond my expectations. There have been plenty of opportunities for me to compromise my values. Cheaper ingredients, cheaper packaging, selling out. I decided from the very beginning that if my product put more plastic in the world I would not do it. I sought out a sustainable option for packaging and absorb the cost myself. It is just the right thing to do. I want my business to stand for more than good flavor or something trendy. I want it to represent all that is important to me. I don’t feed my kids food with artificial flavors and colors. I don’t use them in my marshmallows. A sweet treat is okay now and then. I believe in moderation. But something of quality, made with sustainable ingredients and love, simply tastes better.

The short answer to your question: I am living my dream every day. And getting closer to the bigger dream. And I truly believe that we are the choices we make. Every decision I make gets me closer. It is up to me.

If you’ve attained some of your dreams, what were they and how did you attain them?: Moving to a small town was a dream that my husband and I had for years. I was lucky enough to find a really good job in an amazing town that made it possible for us to leave The Big City and live on an acre of land and grow our own veggies. I know the farmer that grows and mills our flour. I know the girl that has chickens and sells the eggs. I know the baker that makes the best bread I have every enjoyed. I have more time for my daughters, we have more balance in life. We know the shop-keepers on Main street and spend time at the lake. As far as my business, it has grown so much that I have already surpassed my goals from the start. I was honestly happy to sell a few marshmallows a week. Now with my online shop and my wholesale business I am growing and expanding. Along the way, I have met in- person and through social media, some amazing people. Creative, passionate, enthusiastic, supportive people that have truly kept me going. And ultimately, the feedback from customers is what makes it all worth it. I feel honored when someone takes the time to comment online or send an email telling me how much they enjoyed their marshmallows. I personally respond every time. Because connecting with people is what business is all about. I put my heart and soul and time into what I do. I think people feel and appreciate it that much more. Many years ago I went through a personal experience that taught me one of my best life-lessons so far: my life can change in one minute. Usually when we think of this, we think of the tragic ways life can change. But I made a decision, that took all but a minute to make, that changed my life for the better. I remind myself constantly that if I want change, I need to choose it. I know that I am lucky to live in a country with many freedoms, so I don’t take it for granted. Attaining my dreams so far has come down to the choices I have made. On a more practical level, as a business-owner, I am organized, I plan, I research and test. I have made mistakes. And I learn. I manage my time and get less sleep than I would prefer. But it is worth it.

Can you help Kimberley out with her dreams or have comments? Let us know @dreamtillgreen and dreamtillgreen@gmail.com

Also, check out her website and order her delicious marshmallows and treats! 



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