Dreaming of Fall

The cold nights and mornings are here and I’m loving them. This can only mean that Fall is approaching and that makes me one happy girl. I dream that every season could be Fall. It has the perfect temperatures, the leaves turn, and you get to wear layers.

Layers on layers on layers. 
I’d much rather put clothes on to adjust to the weather than take clothes off. I love cardigans, hats that fit over my big hair, scarves, and boots! Oh, the perfect boots!

I love thinking about going on hay rides, bon fires, carving pumpkins for Halloween, pumpkin spice lattes!!!! My birthday, Thanksgiving, wearing light jackets and taking a walk to the park. I love seeing Lex play in the leaves.

I really believe that Fall is the most magical of seasons. Well, it at leasts makes me the happiest. Fall rain showers are also so calming. You can snuggle in a blanket, watch a movie, while sipping on some hot apple cider.
I can’t wait till Fall hits. Until then I’ll be dreaming about it.

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