Great Pinterest Recipes

This weekend my mom was in charge of the food at the family reunion. She didn’t want to serve bags of chips and donuts to other great cooks, so she went on Pinterest and found some tasty recipes/ideas.

via g*rated blog

Pretzel Kisses: My mom got the tasty treats above from the pin to the right. They were pretty addicting. You can never go wrong with a sweet and salty treat. My mom said it was pretty easy to make. Just do exactly what the picture shows.

Brunch on Saturday was pretty epic. Everything was inspired by Pinterest. Sorry for the bad picture. So here’s the break down of what was served.

Apple Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread: I love my Grandma’s monkey bread, but this was a bit better. I may have just committed blasphemy, but the love my mom made was the bomb. If you create just one thing from this post, it needs to be this. It would even be better with a little ice cream on the side. Thank you for inspiring this pin!

Bird’s Nests: So this original pin was supposed to be in individual muffin tins, but my mom went for more of a casserole take on this. She used the exact same instructions, but put it in a 9X13 pan. It tasted fantastic. I would’ve put a little more hash browns in it, but I love anything with potatoes. It was a great source of protein to hold you over to an appropriate lunch time. Pin via The Little Birdie Blog.

Fruit in Waffle Cones: Instead of just serving fruit in a bowl, why not make it fun? I must admit, eating the fruit in a waffle cone did make it more fun and tasty. You can trick kids with this one.

Saturday night we had a whole bunch of delicious meats, but for appetizers my mom chose more recipes from Pinterest. The one that is definitely worth making is Crab Cream Cheese Crescent rolls. These taste exactly like crab rangoons, but without being fried. I’d like to think they are a little bit better for you, but they’re probably not. I think I’ll have to make them myself. Pin via

If you can’t tell, I’m still daydreaming about all this delicious food. Go try these!



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