A Country Weekend Getaway

This past weekend was the Garton Family Reunion so Mike and I hopped on the Megabus and went to Iowa. It was a great weekend with family, good food, and relaxation. 

This was on the grounds of the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at (Foxwood B&B). It’s owned by my father’s cousin on the other side of his family. It’s in Humeston, Iowa., about 20 minutes away from Missouri. This pond had a crap ton of frogs in it. I was determined to catch one and name it Claude or Claudette, but none of them wanted to be my squishy.

There was a tire swing and a regular swing for good ole kid fun. Lots of fun happened there. And we also played that game where you throw sacks into the hole…not with drinking though.
This was Mike’s first time on a tire swing. Can’t you see his excitement?
Just kickin’ it. 
Some relaxation before all the Gartons arrived.

The weekend also fell on Old Settlers weekend in Corydon. We went to the parade on Saturday. It’s not your Macy’s parade, but it’s pretty entertaining. Yes, that’s a big Bible.

The necessary fire truck appearance with sirens.

And the horses to end the parade with all their poop.

Snacks made by Mom.


My plate of a little bit of everything. And mimosas!
To all you Gartons reading this, it was lovely seeing all of you. I hope you told my mom how much you liked it. I know I enjoyed all the time I was there. 
Stay tuned for the post about where mom got her recipes. Also check out Mike’s website for more pictures.

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