Men’s Fashion

There’s a saying “A well-tailored suit is to a woman what lingerie is to men.” Well, it’s true. I dream of a world where all men dress well. A suit on a man does wonders for a woman, but I’ll take anything that has a great fit on a man. No grungy t-shirts or light-washed jeans. No baggy jerseys, coogi sweaters or jackets. And no cargo pants and shorts.

I love dressing down when I’m home, but I try not to be seen in horrible clothes (well, there are those occasional ice cream runs). So, I think everyone should put in a little effort. I think that is why I enjoy working at J.Crew. I have the opportunity to make everyone look nice. No, I do not change the person’s whole style, just suggest pieces that will fit their hipster, traditional, businessman lives.

So here are my suggestions for you guys. You can let me know what you think and what you dream of women wearing…other than lingerie.

The last picture shows that if a little man can look nice, so can you!

Cheers! Share your thoughts here or @dreamtillgreen


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