More Spare Time for Crafts

Working two jobs, having a dog, and trying to be a good fiancé take up a lot of time. You know what I miss? Doing crafts. I love being creative, making things, buying supplies. It gives me a high. Thanks to Pinterest, my urge for crafting has grown, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to fulfill it.

Here’s what I’m dying to make:

My own deer head or maybe if I’m really creative, I could do some adjustments and make it into another animal. I like the idea of making it out of different fabrics or wallpaper or wrapping paper. The possibilities are endless.

Idea via

There may be a theme going on here, but I swear I don’t have a thing for deer. I already have antlers and a block of wood to make my own antler-jewelry-hanger. I don’t know what I’d put over the middle or how to cover the connection of the antlers, but somehow this will happen.

Idea via

These bracelets seem so simply, but I can’t find the perfect chain to connect it to a handmade bff bracelet.

Idea via

All I want to do is pick out a favorite quote, make a pinboard, and get to pinning. I think it would look really cool in a shadowbox. Or maybe I’ll do an image.

Which craft should I do first? And who wants to join?



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