Wedding Planning

Some part of me was hoping that wedding planning would happen in a day and everything I wanted would be possible. The reality is that everything costs more, all ideas don’t flow together, and sometimes you don’t have the means to get everything you want. I guess this is why every girl has a Wedding Pinterest Board — I have two.

Every girl I’ve helped at work says the same thing, “I just want it to be a big celebration with no worrying.” Who are you kidding? Pretty sure there’s going to be some worrying. Is everyone having fun? Is the food good or is it just me? Is it too hot? Was the song playing at the right part of the night? Should I have really asked her to be my bridesmaid?

I’m hoping that my Pinterest Boards (Wedding Ideas and Ideas that have been approved/made official) and Google Docs will help me out — yes, I tend to be over organized. I can already tell that my popcorn bar for cocktail hour isn’t going to mesh with my wants of spring rolls and beer, oh, and champagne. Or how I love the idea of hanging glasses bottles with flowers from the ceilings and the idea of 1000 cranes, and paper lanterns. How does one girl decide on which dream wedding to throw?

What do you all think? Do I need to stop going throw Pinterest and wedding websites?



2 thoughts on “Wedding Planning

  1. Worrying is definitely going to happen. I think the key is making sure you have all your ducks in a row so that you don't worry on the day itself. Worry in the months prior–and you will–but make that worrying constructive. Use it to get everything finished and prepared so you can let go on the day of the wedding and you can just have a great time.

    I had a Pinterest board, but mostly we just talked abut overall themes that were important to us: colors, ambiance, DIY design, and food. The quirky little things can fall into place once you get the bigger decisions settled; they're the foundation that will guide you. That's what I would say, for what it's worth!

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