Hump Day Music

I hope everyone isn’t having a rough week like moi. I’m tired and everyone seems a little off their nice game this week. I’m hoping we can survive this hump day and make the rest of the week glorious. In order to bring back some sanity to my life, I like listening to music and belting out all the words — even if they aren’t right. So for your pleasure, I’ve created you a hump day playlist. It’s a little bit of everything…just like me!


1. Aqui Voy – Jesse & Joy
2. No One’s Gonna Love You- Band of Horses
3. Two Step- Bear Mountain
4. Forrest Gump – Frank Ocean
5. Boogie Shoes -KC & the Sunshine Band
6. Bulletproof (Remix) – La Roux (Produced by Ibe) — listen here
7. She Wants to Move – N.E.R.D.
8. Congratulations – Drake
9. Ambition – Wale
10. Rigamortis- Kendrick Lamar
11. Crown on the Ground – Sleigh Bells

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