JCrew Fall Dream List

I’ve been tweeting quite a bit about my love for the J.Crew Fall line. It’s gorgeous, but half of the things I like I can’t even wear due to the wool content (Yes, I’m allergic to wool, even cashmere). I thought I’d have a little fun and see how much everything I liked, that I can wear, cost. I wouldn’t suggest this for everyone, but seeing as I don’t have a credit card and not enough money to cover everything I want, it doesn’t matter to me. Don’t have the money, can’t buy it. Take a look at this damage. You’re not even seeing my whole shopping cart.

Can you see that total? So the damage: 21 items for a whopping $3090.50. At least I get some sort of discount, but dang that’s a lot of money for a fall wardrobe. 
Go take a look and see what you’d like. Tell me your damage! @dreamtillgreen.


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