Bon Bons All Day

My mom always joked that my dad told her he was rich and that she could eat bon bons all day when they started dated, and that’s why she said yes. Smooth guy right there since almost every woman likes chocolate or some sort of bon bon. I always associate eating bon bons with wealth and watching Marie Antoinette furthered that association.

I would love to be pampered with a pedicure and eat bon bons the whole time. Anyone else? When I thought of this post idea, all I could think about is Stams chocolate. Unless you’re from Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Ohio, Nebraska, Wisconsin or Holland you probably wouldn’t know about them.

Chocolaterie Stam has the best bon bons and truffles a girl could ask for. The chocolate is rich, the flavors are point on, and there are lots of options. I guess I need to find a place in Chicago to feed my hankering.

bon bons

Would it be disturbing if I had a glass jar full of bon bons in my house at any given time? Maybe I should learn how to make them myself; there are some great looking bon bons on Pinterest.

What’s your favorite bon bon?



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