Must Have Watches

I love watches. I’m a strong believer that watches match your personality. Is it blinged out? Is it sporty? Colorful? Boring? Big? Small? Maybe I just analyze things too much — thanks psychology major.

Currently, I have one working watch. I’m not a big fan of it (it was a gift). It’s black and slim and not fun. I have five other ones that have dead batteries and/or missing parts. Instead of fixing them, I go shopping for new watches online. It’s great.

Right now I’m all about getting the biggest bang for my buck. This tends to lead to no purchases because that would mean I have enough money to pay for an expensive item other than my student loans. But a girl can dream about rockin’ a beauteous watch, right?

Here are my must have watches:

Dreamy Watches
1. For a splash of my favorite color. Swatch watch, $70.
2. A classic watch that you can swap out the band to match any outfit. Timex field army watch for J.Crew, $150.
3. A round watch with a brown leather band. Good for those outfits with navy accents. Marc by Marc Jacobs, $200.
4. I love the round by square-ish face. The little hint of green and blue in the logo and the leather strap. La Mer, $88.
5. This one is my favorite. I love the polka dots, the heart second hand, the little bling, the unique shape of the face, and the cheaper price tag. Betsey Johnson, $85.
6. Kate Spade is my go to designer. If I buy any gold watch in the future, it’s going to be this one. I like how it’s streamlined and masculine, but has pink details to make it feminine. Kate Spade Gramercy Grand Watch, $225.
7. If I got this watch I wouldn’t have to worry about the whole faux pas of mixing metal tones (even though I think it’s getting more acceptable). And I’ve always wanted something with rose gold in it. Michael Kors, $275.
8. I think I like this one because it’s red and red is a classic va va voom color for women. It would be attention to a sexy wrist. I think I read in one of my psychology books that men are attracted to smaller wrists. Why not draw more attention to this? Betsey Johnson, $115.
9. Even though this is a men’s watch, I love it. It screams classic to me. Mougin & Picquard for J.Crew, $425.
10. This watch reminds me of one my dad had so I automatically love it. Timex for J.Crew, $195.
Which one should I spend my hard earned cash on? And what will you think of me when I wear it?

3 thoughts on “Must Have Watches

  1. G-Shock! 🙂 can't go wrong. If I see you wearing it I will think your just as cool as that hansome guy over at PBK in Manhattan. I think his name is Jett Jordan ❤

  2. AAwwwww shucks!I think number 1 & 5 suit you the best. But if you cant decide between the two, if they both matach the look your going for just wear both like me!

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