Wearing Stripes

Stripes are “in” right now, so everyone and their mom is rockin’ them. The great thing about stripes is that they are classic and a great neutral. You may think I’m crazy saying that, but you can really wear them with anything. Stripes and floral are a great combo. Subtle stripes with abstract leopard print works too. But anyway, I think I need to add striped pieces to my wardrobe that are going to last more than a couple wears. Here’s what’s on my dream buying list:

1. This is a more casual look, but the cut looks like it would be good for any occasion. You can dress it up with a statement piece or wear as is. (Top Shop)
2. Saint James shirts are amazing. J.Crew sells them and right now they’re on sale online. The cotton is extremely soft. One of my coworkers said she’s had hers for over three years and it still looks and feels great. (J.Crew, $49.99)
3. Bon shoppers may not be the cutest designed bag but they are totally functional. I carry my colorful Kate Spade one all the time. I love this stripe one because it’s black and white so it will go with every outfit. I just want to rock this bag with a cute floral dress all the time. (Kate Spade, $258)
4. Pencil skirts are amazing in general. I’m in love with this one from J.Crew. It’s not the classic double-serge cotton pencil skirt, so it fits even nicer. It’s more of a summer weight, but I think I could get away with pairing it with cotton sweaters for the fall. Red is always “in,” right? (J.Crew, $118)
What do you think? What classic stripe pieces do you have? Send us a pic at @dreamtillgreen

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