Trips: Rome

Even though Roma tomatoes are grown in the US, Mexico, Australia and Great Britain, I could only think of Rome when I was eating my delicious appetizers from the previous post. Mike lived abroad in Italy for a while so everything Italian intrigues me. So let’s take a trip to the Rome in my head. Or can someone fund my trip to Rome and I can just post my personal pictures?

When I think of Rome I think of the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, and walking down cobble streets with a scarf around my neck and the wind blowing through my curly hair. I’d stop to get the best pizza and drink espresso shots on the corner cafe. People would say, “Ciao Bella”and other romantic Italian phrases to me. It would be great.

Here’s some of what I’d do and see if I were going this weekend:

Picture via pinterest

*Find all the pretty bridges and strike serious poses. When in Rome, right? I guess I need to find a fabulous coat.

*Take a walking tour of all the touristy fountains and structures at night. Some say it’s the best way to capture all the beauty.











*Visit the food markets and be the ultimate fat kid.

What would you do?




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