Dreamer: Emily Garton

Age: 27

Current Job: Starbucks Store Manager

Lives In: Lincoln, Nebraska

Ultimate dream: to own a vegan cafe

What will your cafe be like?:

I want it to have an organic and recycled feel to it. I want used-recycled wood for all of the tables and find random chairs of all different styles and colors. The walls will be soothing colors, mostly greens and soft oranges and I want plants all over the place. Of course, it will also be a place where local artists can hang their art and I will have a stage to offer bands a cheap place to play in the evenings.

My food will be made from all organic ingredients and I would like to keep the produce local. It will mostly be vegan, but it won’t be marketed as such because I know that scares people, even though a lot of popular cafe snacks are vegan! All of my bakery items will be vegan because I hate going into cafes and eyeing delicious pastries and not being able to eat them. My pastries will be free reign for all! My coffee will be fair trade and organic and I will only use a manual espresso machine, to bring back the art of espresso.

I would love to have baristas who are passionate about their jobs and want to compete in barista competitions (that means they would know latte art). It would be a place I wouldn’t mind working at 80 hours a week because the ambiance would be relaxed and inviting.

Can anyone help her out or give her words of wisdom? Let us know @dreamtillgreen and/or dreamtillgreen@gmail.com. Also, check out her blog http://veganemily85.wordpress.com/


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