DIY: Hat Corner

My Grandmother had well over 200 hats and when she passed away they were a free for all. Since hats were one of her signature pieces, I took about 10 of them. At first I had no idea what to do with them, but then I got my creative juices flowing. Why not a hat wall?

The NYC setup

My first set up was in New York City and I incorporated the jewelry and bird pictures I also inherited from her. But now in Chicago, there’s a hat corner. Instead of trying to find the perfect piece of art for the space above our dresser (which we also made), we hung her hats and Mike’s little collection.

To be nice renters and to create less work for us when we move out, we used 3M hooks and just rested the hats on them. No plastering up holes when we get to move next year.

It shows that if you have a collection of anything, particularly things you don’t wear all the time,  you can make them into an element of design in your home. I love mine because it’s sentimental and a practical place for Mike’s hats. I just wish there were a little more colorful.

What do you think?



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