Attained Dreams: Engagement

I was a big Disney fan growing up. I loved Beauty and the Beast for Belle’s library, Little Mermaid for her gadgets and gizmos, and Jasmine for her gorgeous room. Oh, and because there were Princes. Attractive Princes. I don’t know how those Disney artists made a fiction character attractive. Or was it their actions? (sorry, my psychology background comes out sometimes) But I believe Disney reinforced that every girl has a prince out there just for her. I think almost every girl can confess that they dreamed about getting engaged to someone of their dreams.

On May 13th, 2012 one of my dreams came true. Mike proposed! I will not be a grumpy, lonely Ursula. It was rather sweet. It was our 3rd Anniversary and we went to the beach to exchange gifts. We wanted to get our picture taken so Mike got some girl and while she was talking pictures he popped the question. Yes, it’s all documented. Too bad the girl didn’t know how to work a camera because all her pictures are blurry. It didn’t all really set in till I was talking to my sister on the phone. It’s kind of crazy how attaining your dreams can make you emotionless for a bit.

Just proves to show that dreams can be attained by just being you. Yes, being engaged does lie in the fate of someone else as well, but hey, it’s still a dream attained. It’s something I’ll be happy about for the rest of my life.


Who was your favorite Disney Prince or Princess? And have you seen the pictures of the Disney Princes sexualized?


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