Jewelry for Rent: Rocksbox

A little bit of bling goes a long way. They’re great conversation starters, distracters and a great way to complete an outfit. I personally love wearing colorful pieces to make a black outfit pop! When I first read about Rocksbox on Wanna Be Fashion Blogger, I knew I had to try it. So, when the company contacted me to really try it out, I couldn’t say no! IMG_3846 It’s a monthly jewelry box on loan where they send you three items from your wish list, and you get to wear them for as long as you’d like (during your membership). If you don’t like it, you send it back for something new. If you do like it, you can buy it for about 20% off the retail price. Usually I’m a little hesitant to enroll myself in monthly “clubs,” but with work events coming up in the near future, I’ll try it out for only $19.99/month. I am pretty impressed how cute my first box was. IMG_3847 I pretty much love everything I got, except the nautical bracelet, so I think that’s pretty great for their first try! I do have to say, the necklace is my favorite. It’s actually sparkly and something I’ve wanted for awhile. Let’s hope I can figure out a way to buy it. IMG_3848 With that said, if you’re a jewel-holic like me, give them a try! I have a code for you to receive your first month free! Since you can send stuff back as soon as you’d like, you’ll probably be able to try on at least 12 pieces. Go to and sign up using the code: katiegartonxoxo. The code is good for 30 days and will get you your first month for free. After the 30 days you only get 50% per month. So get some jewels now! Can’t wait to see what my next box will bring me.


Adore Your Walls

It may just be a KickStarter kind of week! I was going through my Facebook feed and saw a friend post Liz Lidgett’s (Kate Wagner’s sister..past dreamer) Adore Your Walls Kickstarter and had to see what it was all about.

Adore Your Walls, Liz Lidgett


Liz wants to make sure everyone can have art in their homes affordably and conveniently. Her project will help fund the website she has in mind to deliver such services, and she only has 23 days left to do so.

For those who donate $50, they’ll get a limited edition original print. Liz has some other great bonuses for backers as well. Go check it out and see if you’d like to help support her dream! I know if I didn’t already have a wall full of art, I would use the website! Or maybe I will for our guest bedroom!

Learn more about Liz and her other projects at

Back 20Something: A Musical Project

For all who may not know, I was a big theater person in high school, so whenever I get a chance to support a fellow thespian, I’m game. The best part about this Kickstarter is that I know one of the lovely creators of the show, Corinne. She may be one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, so let’s show her and her show/project some love!

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 8.08.33 AM

Their goal is $5,000 and they’re only 13% funded, and have 8 days to go. If you are a thespian, budding writer/actress, have some money and love the arts, head over to their Kickstarter: 20Something: A Musical Project and throw some cash their way. If their box of goodies is something made by Corinne I guarantee it will be tasty.

Follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram too!

Top 10 Things About Honeymooning in Dublin, Brussels & Paris

…Mostly about food!

  1. ) The European lifestyle is so relaxed. Things don’t open till 11, big stores close around 7 or 8, and some stores are closed Tuesday and Sundays. Now that’s the life! I now know why Dubliners and maybe other Europeans are so happy all the time. They’re not stuck at work all day.

2.) The bread and croissants are amazing. Mike makes some pretty banging bread (see here for some examples), but the Europeans really know how to do it. I think the one thing that amazes me is that it’s good for more than 2 days even when you don’t put it in a ziplock baggy. What is this trick? There were several days that Mike and I just bought a 1-2 Euro loaf of break and got cheese or meats to go on it. Probably one of the best ways to save money while traveling abroad too!

3.) Guinness in Ireland is better. I know a lot of people say this, but it really is true. I feel like the Guinness in the states is heavy and thick, but in Ireland it’s light and refreshing…even though there’s still the infamous foam. The tour of the brewery is also awesome. The view from their sky bar is breathtaking. You can see everything in Dublin and you get to enjoy a pint of Guinness. 4.) Never say no to an Irish Breakfast. It’s the most filling breakfast you’ll have. Eggs, sausage, a roasted tomato, mushrooms, their version of bacon, and rice pudding (it doesn’t look like rice pudding though). You’ll be full till about 4 PM after you eat one of these babies.

photo via Mike!
photo via Mike!

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Oh Hey, 2015!

Happy New Year! I know I’m a little late with this, but 2015 has already been a whirlwind for me. Mike and I went on our honeymoon, Mike started a new job, we got a new apartment, we had to find someone to take over our lease since we’d be breaking ours by about 6 months, my job hosted a 2-day conference with 2 big events, and my boss quit…again. It’s a lot to deal with, but thank God everything worked out for the better.

For Dream Till Green, I’m still working on the branding, but the goal and mission stays the same. It’s a place for Dreamers to share their dreams and encourage others whether it be for their career, their lifestyle, their travels, their food, etc. Never stop dreaming!

If you’d like to share your dreams, please let me know. I’m always looking for Dreamers to profile and contributors to write.

Cheers to a new, bigger and better year!



Our past dreamer Danny Sobor and his brand MILC have already started 2015 with a bang.

If you’re in the Chicago area, stop by their POP UP Shop in Milwaukee Ave tomorrow!